Live like Steve Jobs

Yesterday, the world mourned the passing of a great man.  I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Jobs, but I can say I would like to live life like he did.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’d like to be a billionaire, too. No, not at all.  Well, okay, yes, I would, but that isn’t what I meant. 

Steve Jobs wasn’t great because he developed fantastic products that changed the world (which we all know he did), nor was he great because of the billions of dollars which he earned (which he also did). 

Steve Jobs was great because he used the gifts that God gave him to their absolute fullest. He was given a creative mind, with which he used to invent the dozens of items we all now say we can’t live without. He was given a can-do attitude, which he used even when others were saying, “No, you can’t.” He was given a resilient spirit, which he never let break, even when others tried to tear him down. And he was given the ability to find such joy in his work that not even a grave illness stopped him until the very end.

The way he lived his life has inspired me, just as I am sure it inspired others.  My wish is that we all use our gifts in our lifetimes as well Steve Jobs did in his.